Needless to say, transportation is a field that offers hundreds of issues to consider. But to make your hectic job easier there are logistics companies that offer to do your job in exchange for some money. It's not a new thing in the market and has been going on since decades. But the problem that has arised nowadays is, which logistics and transportation company offers the best services? This is the point where most of us make mistakes.

Since there is just a minute difference between these fake ones and the original one that anyone can be confused easily. In today's time there are numerous people/companies that boisterously claim to be the associates, partners, sponsors or agents of “Perfect Cargo Packers and Movers” and are unjustly working under the registered trademark of Perfect Cargo Packers and Movers.

So research and comprehensive knowledge about Packers and Movers is necessary to hire a professional logistics company that is reputed and can shift your household goods safely.

Well, this question is very simple to answer. Perfect Cargo Packers and Movers is a logistics corporation that provides its customers with quality packing and transportation at cheap and reasonable prices. The organization has completed its three decades of quality service and is looking ahead to a very bright future.We have maintained our reputation and set unmatchable standards with our high-quality work performance in marketing. This organization was founded in 1991 and its headquarters are situated in Mumbai.

Fake relocation companies come in contact with the public by listing themselves on these famous search engines, like Google, JustDial, Bark, and many more. This approach is enlarging popularity because of the wide acceptance and following of Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and other web portals.

When a person sees that a company is listed on these popular web portals enforces the clients to believe their authenticity as they are completely ignorant about the fact that such listings are paid and before getting listed on these portals, they are not evaluated on any grounds. Hence, such a facility is opening doors for the scam companies to execute their wicked transactions in full motion.

    There are some techniques of such fake companies to trap customers are as follows:
  • Fabricated Paid Ad Listings on Web Portals
  • Fake Reviews
  • Forgery Documents
  • Untrue Brand Associations
  • Fake Boasting about them
  • Cheap Costs than other Competitors
  • Fake & Exaggerated Assurances

If you are shifting your goods through any random packing & moving company, then beware, because it is very likely that the company booked for shifting your household, would evade with your goods and money, and never shift it actually, thereby, leaving you waiting for your valuable possessions to be shifted for the entire life. There are lots of fraud companies working in this sector, reaching out to public via internet and other mediums of information access and beguiling people by showcasing themselves as an agent company or as a company associated in one way or the other with the brand companies, and enticing them to avail their services at very less prices. Such low prices and unfairly displayed brand associations compel customers to avail such fraud company's services, but at what cost - at the cost of their precious goods possessed over lifetime and hard-earned money.

Recently, such a case came into the limelight in which Mr. Manpreet Singh hired a company with the name similar to Perfect Cargo Packers and Movers, i.e., Perfect Shifting Solution Ltd. for moving its consignment from Mumbai to Chennai. To Mr. Singh, Perfect Shifting Solution Ltd, with the domain on the search engines, falsely claimed to be a company of Perfect Packers and Movers Group with an address Plot no.82,Chintamani Avenue Bld, Opp.Virwani Industrial Estate, Vishveshwar Nagar, Goregaon -400063,. More than 40 days have already passed, but Mr. Singh has not received his consignment in Chennai or any information regarding the same. When searching more about the hired company’s credentials and tracing it at its address, it was found out that there has not been any office of the company at the mentioned address. However, the riveting part is that this packing company has published all the requisite packing and moving documents to sustain in this business and capture the customer’s attention and deal fraudulently.

At its initial investigation stage, police found some suspects but the mastermind is still out of reach. Other culprits are yet to be tracked down. Thus, there are a number of FIRs against these false/duplicate operations. Despite such numerous cases registered these frauds still happen. The need to find trusted and reputed packers and movers is in high tide now. No matter whom you choose, choose wisely to prevent such frauds. In this huge ocean of fraud logistic companies, some trusted logistics companies like Perfect Cargo Packers and Movers still exist.


Do you have questions to ask? Perfect Cargo Packers and Movers has a great response team built with highly skilled professionals who are always ready to help and listen to all the queries of our valuable customers. So feel free to contact us.